Climate and Environmental Justice

Cleveland gets most of its power from the third-largest emitting coal plant in the country, that has to change as we move towards a clean energy future. The climate is in crisis and we must recognize that this is a public health emergency. Everyone deserves to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and walk on streets that aren’t covered in trash. I will fight for environmental justice to stop residents from paying too much for their electricity bills, ensure everyone has access to affordable public transit and ensure every neighborhood has access to public parks and greenspaces.

Back to the PLAN

• End the 50-year contract locking residents into a bad deal with Cleveland Public Power, which overcharges residents for services at the expense of mismanagement at CPP. 

• Increase frequency of public transit and expand routes to better connect Downtown to our neighborhoods by conducting a route analysis of our railways, bike and path trails to develop a connected mobility strategy.

• Pilot free or highly subsidized transit for low-income riders paid for with newly generated sources of revenue from smart parking meters 

• Prioritize public parks and greenspaces in every neighborhood and develop an equitable parks Master Plan to drive new investment decisions in park development and design. 

• Punish polluters who illegally dump garbage into our neighborhoods and vacant lots and violate