As we come out of this pandemic, we have an opportunity to lead an inclusive economic recovery that creates high-paying, sustainable, lasting jobs in our neighborhoods to support small businesses and entrepreneurs. The American Rescue Plan funds represent a once-in-a-lifetime chance to invest in our neighborhoods and develop a target set of investment priorities to ensure our economy fully recovers and works for everyone.

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• Establish an Office of Economic Recovery to develop a targeted set of priorities to invest American Rescue Plan funds to deliver immediate relief and build strategically for future growth

• Fight for a living wage for everyone working for local and area employers 

• Ensure that good jobs in development zones are accessible to residents, and not just downtown and support CDC neighborhood revitalization programs to help every neighborhood grow their local economy

• Put local businesses and workers first in line for city contracts; make tax incentives equitable for neighborhoods; and use American Recovery Act funds to expand small business jobs.

• Match employers and educators with a user-friendly system to fill the 50,000 available jobs in our regional economy with training for Cleveland residents 

• Focus on supporting neighborhood, minority and women-owned businesses by increasing grants for storefront improvements, connecting local businesses to the digital economy and directing community development dollars.