Modern & Responsive City Hall

City Hall is outdated. Our systems and processes are stuck in the past and it’s time for a major upgrade to ensure we operate in the 21st century with the latest technology to increase efficiency. Residents shouldn’t have to drive, walk or take the bus to Lakeside Avenue to use basic city services. City services must be responsive to neighborhood needs. When we contact City Hall, we should know that means that we can reach them and get a timely response and solution to basic requests that all tax-paying residents are entitled to.

Back to the PLAN

• Modernize City Hall with new technologies, streamline permit processes and online services to make it easy for residents to get support from City Hall.

• Update the City’s website to ensure residents can easily and quickly find information about policies, programs, services, grants and other public information. Updating the city’s website is overdue.

• Upgrade the Mayor’s Action Center and implement a process to track your complaint every step of the way to increase accountability and responsiveness 

• Create a culture of customer service by mandating training for every new employee and monitoring performance through regular reporting of KPIs. 

• Conduct an audit of every Department to identify inefficiencies and opportunities to integrate so ensure residents don’t have to call 4 or 5 departments to get their grass cut.

• Appoint new management to the West Side Market to ensure city-owned assets are managed and maintained by experts and vendors receive the dedicated support they deserve. 

• Select a Cabinet that reflects the diversity of our city and appoint a Chief Racial Equity Officer to ensure every policy and program is examined through a racial equity lens.