Statement on Cleveland Guardians Stadium Financing Deal

PRESS RELEASE - Friday, August 6, 2021 - Cleveland, OH

Bibb Calls for City and County to Match Investment in Cleveland Neighborhoods “Sports teams are important for the city but let’s be fair to the people in Cleveland neighborhoods.

The City is giving $117 million to finance this deal, so the City should allocate $117 million from the American Rescue Plan and invest in public safety improvements and strengthening all of Cleveland’s neighborhoods, now.

The County is giving $138 million to the Guardians, and the City population is 30% of the County. Therefore, the County should put $41 million aside for improved services and economic development for Cleveland residents.

What’s fair is fair. 385,000 Clevelanders deserve at least the same investment as the team owners, players, and fans and the right to comment publicly on this issue.

This is the way we should do business going forward – always putting Cleveland people’s safety, neighborhoods, health, and job opportunities first. And because we have half a billion in federal dollars to spend, we can do it right now, with the right leadership. What a difference it could make — our people’s safety and neighborhoods can’t wait.”