UAW NEO-CAP Council votes to endorse Justin Bibb for Mayor

PRESS RELEASE - Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021 - Cleveland, OH – The United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America Northeast Ohio Community Action Program Council (UAW NEO CAP Council), announced today that the Executive Board voted to endorse Justin Bibb for the next Mayor of the city of Cleveland.

“Justin knows what he wants to do for the city of Cleveland and how he plans to get us there,” said Chairperson of the NEO-CAP Council, Marjorie Chambers.

“We believe he understands the problems and has plans to take Cleveland to the next level. We know this won't be an easy task but he will have our total support.”

The Chairperson of NEO-CAP Council added that over the past 16 years, the current administration has worked for select communities with many others neglected.

“We’ve seen crime on the rise, the quality of our education system suffer and population decline. We can't continue with the old stagnant politics that these past 16 years have taken us. The UAW NEO CAP Council wants a leader inside City Hall who will be a champion for labor on the road to economic recovery and prosperity. We believe Justin Bibb is that leader to take us to new heights,” Chairperson of NEO-CAP Council said.

Justin Bibb accepted UAW NEO CAP’s endorsement today, which represents nearly 3,500 members in Cleveland.

“I am proud to receive full and strong endorsement from UAW NEO-CAP Council today. Their members are the backbone of our local economy and deserve a seat at the table as we shape our future. I look forward to working with them as an extension of City Hall as your next mayor,” said Justin Bibb.

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